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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a well-known term in web development. As the competition to top search results on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo gets tougher, search engine optimisation becomes more important. Search engine optimisation increases your chances of getting more visitors to your website and earning more money. If you run a website yourself, getting started with search engine optimisation will be very useful.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

As the name suggests, search engine optimisation is about adapting the content of a website to improve its visibility on the internet. Increased visibility means that your website will appear higher in search results when certain keywords are searched for in search engines.

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To achieve this result, the content of the website must be relevant to the keywords used. In addition, the content must be useful and reliable. If your website meets these basic criteria, it will rank higher in search engines. At best, your website may already top the search results after the first search.

Why invest in search engine optimisation?

People are constantly searching for information in search engines. In fact, around 5.5 billion internet searches are made every day worldwide. Businesses can benefit greatly from this traffic because many of these searches are made by people looking for a product or service. In other words, there are commercial intentions in these searches that may be directly related to your business.

In addition to searches that are directly related to what your company offers, there may be loosely related things. These searches can actually create even more opportunities and are about solving people’s problems and becoming a trusted resource. An example is if you run an online store and link to Gamespot, IGN or another popular gaming news site. This improves the credibility of your online store and makes it a trusted resource that offers good information. The more respected your online store becomes, the better it will rank and increase the likelihood that people will buy products from you. This makes sense because you are more likely to buy a product from a site that offers good information.


What does search engine optimisation cost?

The price varies depending on what you as a customer need. The price of search engine optimisation varies depending on whether it involves optimising the entire website or specific web pages. The biggest price variation depends on whether it’s a one-off job or keeping your website continuously search engine optimised.

Some web agencies may charge for a job, while others prefer to work more continuously on search engine optimisation. A continuous job means that you pay a fixed monthly fee. This usually costs between SEK 25 000 and SEK 65 000 a month. But recently, a pricing model based on the number of keywords has become more and more common. This pricing model simply means that the web agency charges for each keyword used.

How to work with it in 2023?

The pace of development is rapid and there are many ranking factors that affect the visibility of your website. Google still leads in terms of the most popular search engine for internet searches. Over 70% of all internet searches are made on Google, with Bing a distant second and Yahoo in third place. This means that you should pay special attention to Google when working on search engine optimisation.

Google’s algorithms are complex and there are many factors to consider to increase your ranking. In fact, there are hundreds of ranking factors to consider that affect search results. In addition, Google is constantly improving and updating its algorithms to determine how websites rank.

One of the factors that most affects your ranking in search results is the relevance of the content on your website, i.e. how relevant the content is to the keywords that people are searching for.

In addition to relevant content, the most important ranking factors that Google considers are:

  • How users interact with your website – Your website ranking is influenced by whether users find the information they need and stick around, or whether they ignore your website and never visit it.
  • How fast and customizable your website is – A fast and responsive website improves your website’s ranking in search engines. A responsive website means how well the website design adapts to different devices and screen sizes.
  • How unique the content is – Google looks not only for web pages with relevant content, but also the value of the content. A site with unique and valuable content will rank higher than a site with “thin” content.
  • The quality of the links to your site – If unknown blogs link to your site, it will rank lower than if it is linked to well-known sites like Popular and trusted links boost your rankings.

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