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Jorge came in at an early stage and has been fundamental in setting up and getting SEO and performance up to speed. Jorge and his team have over-delivered in terms of both results and work during our partnership, thanks to the team at Growth Marketing we have grown the keyword database by around 300%.. I am very pleased with what we have accomplished and how quickly Jorge and his team have gotten our SEO up and running. Hats off!

The team is very efficient in terms of delivery, reporting and reconciliation.

Carl Lidefelt

CEO, Clas Fixare - Real craftsmen from Clas Ohlson

We’ve tested a bunch of different SEO agencies over the years with mixed results. At Growth Marketing they are clear, concrete and fast. There is much for competitors to learn from here

Joel Löwenberg

CEO, Gymkompaniet

In the jungle of different SEO agencies, GM is undoubtedly the unicorn. Jorge and his team have exceeded our expectations in terms of commitment and resourcefulness and we are delighted to have found a partner who works as proactively and as quickly as we do, which in the past has proved to be a difficult match. Finally, we have a collaboration where our partner comes up with as many ideas as we do, and finds points of improvement in areas we haven’t looked into ourselves. Outside the box with measurable results, just the way we want it.

Idalina Santamäki

Head of Quality & Communications, Riddermark Car

When the marketing team at Northmill needed an external sounding board, Jorge was the obvious choice. His contribution, both on a strategic and operational level, helped us to take our SEO work forward and find synergies between different products such as payment solutions, personal loans, etc.

Sargon Kurt

Co-Founder, Northmill Bank

Jorge is professional, humble and extremely generous with his own skills. When you work with Jorge, you know he’s in it for 110% with your company’s best interests at heart.

I recommend Jorge and Growth Marketing to any company that wants to take their organic work to the next level and get tips on how to drive more traffic to their e-commerce with simple means.

Emelie Olsson

CMO, Scandinavian Photo

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Do you want to focus solely on the growth of your business? Then it might be a good idea to focus on Growth hacking and hire a Growth hacker for your company! Our team is led by Jorge Castro, the marketer of the year.

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The future of marketing

Growth marketing is a relatively new concept in communications and marketing, but it has long been an important approach in digital marketing. It’s a way to understand customer needs and constantly optimise and streamline marketing strategies. Today it is also possible to train as a “Growth Marketer”. Here you can read more about what growth marketing really is, what a growth marketer does and how it differs from growth hacking.

What is growth marketing?

Growth marketing is an approach to marketing that involves analysing and collating data and then optimising activities. Basically, it’s about understanding customer needs and behaviours. By continuously testing, analysing and then adjusting your strategy, you reduce the risk of marketing budgets being spent in the wrong way. Of course, analysing and adapting strategy and messages to the target audience is nothing new in marketing. However, modern technology and digital measurement tools have made it possible to make data-driven decisions. Instead of going by gut feeling, all decisions are based on measurable data. This provides new and greater opportunities to adapt and tailor the message to the target audience.

Continuous testing is the foundation of growth marketing. The tests are often small and are often carried out in order to be able to change strategy quickly if necessary. The digital society is constantly changing and customer behaviour can change rapidly. It is therefore important to constantly analyse data and optimise marketing strategies. The tests are done in real time and give you important knowledge about the customers. It’s a cost-effective way because you can quickly change activities and campaigns if data shows a change is needed. Data-driven decisions also make it possible to analyse many stages of the customer journey and communicate the message to the right person at the right time.

How do you work with growth marketing?

Many people work with growth marketing without having the title “Growth Marketer”. It’s an increasingly important approach to reaching customers through digital channels, and therefore there can be many roles working on growth marketing. Examples of roles used in this area include Head of Growth and Growth Marketing Manager. Digital marketers, analysts and strategists can also work with growth marketing. The tasks include in particular the following areas:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Web analytics (often Google Analytics)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Marketing Automation (including email marketing)
  • content marketing
  • CRO (Conversion Optimization)
  • inbound marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social media ads
  • marketing automation

Many of the areas are common to various marketing and communications positions. Some may not even have heard of the concept of growth marketing, even though they work in the data-driven way that is typical of growth marketing.

What does a growth marketer do?

However, there are many companies that have introduced dedicated roles for growth marketing. A Growth Marketer analyses large amounts of data and optimises and streamlines marketing in digital channels accordingly. A growth marketer often works with multiple measurement and analysis tools to evaluate data. It’s a role that suits people who are analytical and inquisitive. The data provides important insights into customer behaviour and roles are about gaining a better understanding of the target audience. If you’re curious about people and behaviours it’s very exciting role. It’s also a profession that suits creative as well as quick-thinking people, as it’s all about adapting and streamlining marketing activities based on data. It’s about seeing new opportunities in data and figuring out how to optimise communication.

As the role is relatively new, there are limited salary statistics. Related roles in marketing earn around SEK 30,000 and 45,000 a month. However, salaries can vary widely, depending on industry experience and responsibilities, among other things. Some who are responsible for growth marketing also have a management role, coordinating other marketing staff.

The difference between Growth hacking and Growth marketing?

In recent years, the concept of growth hacking has also become popular. Many people confuse it with growth marketing, but there are important differences. Growth hacking is often described as a way of identifying opportunities to create growth in a cost-free way. For example, it could be trying to make something viral or create hype around a product. The most famous growth hack is probably AirBnB, which allowed users to post their ads on Craigslist as well, increasing visibility enormously.

Growth marketing is a much broader term that encompasses many different areas of marketing. Growth marketing often has long-term goals, while growth hacking is short-term activity. Some say that growth hacking is part of growth marketing, but there are many companies that do not include growth hacking in their marketing strategy.