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Jorge came in at an early stage and has been fundamental in setting up and getting SEO and performance up to speed. Jorge and his team have over-delivered in terms of both results and work during our partnership, thanks to the team at Growth Marketing we have grown the keyword database by around 300%.. I am very pleased with what we have accomplished and how quickly Jorge and his team have gotten our SEO up and running. Hats off!

The team is very efficient in terms of delivery, reporting and reconciliation.

Carl Lidefelt

CEO, Clas Fixare - Real craftsmen from Clas Ohlson

Jorge is professional, humble and extremely generous with his own skills. When you work with Jorge, you know he’s in it for 110% with your company’s best interests at heart.

I recommend Jorge and Growth Marketing to any company that wants to take their organic work to the next level and get tips on how to drive more traffic to their e-commerce with simple means.

Emelie Olsson

CMO, Scandinavian Photo

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Smart data

Using multiple APIs, we’ve managed to connect the industry’s most popular SEO tools into one.

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With market intelligence, we reveal your competitors’ practices in a completely legal manner.


Today, it takes clever methods to get the algorithms on your side. The brand goes hand in hand with today’s search.

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Here you can hear the story from Jorge’s time as Marketing Manager at ABS Wheels

A nice review from Sweden’s most famous marketing researcher

“Few are as knowledgeable as Jorge, who also has a great the ability to translate knowledge into practical application. Jorge is a results-oriented marketer who has an excellent ability to translate data into insight and change the UX and marketing communications to drive growth ”

– Erik Modig, Assistant professor, author and lecturer at Stockholm School of Economic(Source Linkedin)